Five sales management software for superior automation, teamwork and control

Unwieldy spreadsheets, yellow sticker memos and incessant phone calls for internal coordination are thankfully sinking into oblivion. Today’s sales staff doesn’t have to waste hours on manual database updates, report compilation, paperwork and other routine tasks. A long-established way to increase labor efficiency, sales management systems, ensure streamlined, transparent workflow for better control over the sales cycle and improved workplace discipline. No abandoned leads, no forgotten follow-ups, no unanswered e-mails ― professional CRM tools are designed to minimize the human error factor via creating a consistent automated environment with great opportunities for seamless cooperation.

Every business owner strives to design an optimal layout for productive yet convenient work. Yet, it may be difficult to find the universally best sales management software solution ― needs vary depending on particular size and specifics of a company. The following list of reliable online CRM tools will help you understand what market has to offer in this regard.

Bpm’online Sales Management System

Bpm’online Sales Management System

One of the universally acknowledged leaders of professional digital tools for business, Bpm’online offers its all-encompassing CRM-based sales management system ― Bpm’online Sales. Specifically designed for sales staff, it provides a comprehensive support of the entire customer journey ― from initial enquiries and tracking to closing the deal. Its intuitive UI allows for effortless automation of many time-consuming repetitive activities: document flow, database enrichment, contract management, analytics, forecasting and others.

Well-thought cooperation tools enable efficient management of on-site salesforce. Marketing, sales and service divisions can work together to achieve common goals through fast, seamless transfer of essential information. Enhanced feedback throughout the company improves decision-making and helps to eliminate workflow bottlenecks, while high-ranking managers have all the analytics at their fingertips. This online sales software solution features versatile bring-your-own-device support ― availability on desktops, tablets and smartphones ensures reliable access from anywhere.

Bpm’online is also powered with an intuitive process designer to create individual practices or implement complementary ready-to-use workflow solutions. It offers comprehensive support for short SMB sale cycles and long corporate deals alike, while fully configurable platform with multiple integration possibilities allow to tailor this versatile sales management software to any company’s specific demands.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a comprehensive sales management system with emphasis on automation. This platform serves as an immensely powerful and flexible centralized calendar, where phone calls, follow-up e-mails and other activities are neatly prioritized and trigger alerts when needed. It’s possible to create complex automated action sequences to boost the labor productivity and prevent human-factor errors.

Agile CRM covers the customer journey from lead generation to closing the deal and provides easy-to-understand analytics at any given time point.  One of the best software tools for sales management within a small business, it may lack power and reliability of Bpm’online, but still provides decent workflow automation features considering its ease of use and initial deployment. ― Close More Deals

According to the developers, is a fine example of sales management software, which helps to close more deals by means of drastically enhanced communication. Indeed, this platform serves as a communication center of all your company’s sales-related activities.

This CRM is known for its well-developed automation features concerning data entry, reporting and e-mailing. As for database and contacts, everything is designed to be easily accessible and organized, while powerful search options help keep track of all the details.

Users note that is somewhat inferior to its bigger counterparts in terms of mobile support and lead management, although software is progressing dynamically and new features are being introduced with every update.

Freshsales CRM

Freshsales CRM

The undoubtedly strong points of Freshsales are reporting and analytics. This sales management software product exhibits a robust array of tools for sales forecasting and workflow analytics, so that managers get a deeper insight in what actually goes on with the sales landscape of their company. It’s possible to review the entire sales pipeline to identify possible problems, so actions can be taken without delay.

Apart from this, all deal details are readily available through mobile interface, while teamwork is boosted through seamless synchronization between multiple users. The platform also offers additional modules for service tickets management and web chats, integrates with Google Calendar and several other essential business tools.

Freshsales software for sales management strives for flexibility, but there’s still much to do in this regard: for instance, you can effortlessly add new fields and forms, but standard ones aren’t removable. On the upside, Freshsales knowledge base is rather detailed and their tech support is known for being very helpful. They are constantly gathering feedback and try to implement the most user-demanded functions.

SalesWings ― a tracking plugin


One of the least cumbersome business tools, SalesWings aims to facilitate cooperation between marketing and sales teams to increase overall productivity. It features an innovative lead rating algorithm based on continuous website tracking, which identifies and prioritizes the most promising leads.

Sales Wings can be used alone or in conjunction with more sophisticated software products for sales management. In the latter case, it can be a nice addition to improve marketing campaigns productivity by drastically increasing the quality of lead generation. The product also features an e-mail add-on suitable for any e-mail marketing solution. Essentially, it uses the lead-scoring algorithm to analyze website activity and supply sales managers with real time reports on the most prospective leads. As the result, sales staff doesn’t waste effort on less promising leads, which allows to concentrate on those capable of generating revenues.

The solution is suitable for those who already have a full-scale CRM (or doesn’t intend to have one) but require a simple lead filtering tool.



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