How CRM Service Desk Software Improves Customer Management

Part of good quality customer management is about being available to respond to queries and problems. A problem that most businesses have is the sheer number of queries that must be handled per day – it can be overwhelming. However, CRM service desk software helps setup a platform where fast response times are possible.

If you don’t know what a service desk package is and how it can help you improve the customer relationship management in your business, then read the rest of this article. You’ll get a sense of the advantages of such a software and will be able to decide if it makes sense for your business.


The process of taking hundreds of daily queries and streamlining the resolution process is the best way to go. Service desk software is a platform that promotes simplicity.

The point of such software is to help improve the comfort and speed of communications. For example, customer service staff will have all related information in front of them. This reduces the need to search for information elsewhere while putting the customer on hold.

Implementing a new system can be tough for your employees, but easy to use CRM platforms like bpm’online make the transition relatively easy. The intuitive nature of the software greatly decreases the learning curve.


Service desk software reduces the number of employees required to attend to the same number of queries in a given period of time. When your customer base grows and the number of queries increases, then the cost of attending to those queries isn’t going to rise sharply.

Service desk software allows for quicker response times because as mentioned previously, tickets are organized and all related information is displayed on one interface. For companies that don’t have the budget to invest in a hundred employees for a customer management solution, the service desk package is the ideal alternative.

Improved communication

In the event that a customer service representative is busy, a ticket system can be used. This involves the customer typing out a question and the message is sent to the customer service staff. The tickets are placed in a que and easily accessible by your employees.

An automated message will be sent to the customer once the ticket has been received. This lets them know that the query has been received and is being handled. Good quality communication between the customer service staff and customer is important to achieve a quick resolution.

Customer access

Your customer will have access to the system around the clock. If the customer wishes to ask a question in the middle of the night when no support member is available, then there is an alternative.  In the morning when the customer service staff log in, the queries will be efficiently categorized and organized.

Additionally, any queries that aren’t dealt with in a timely manner will be reminded by the CRM software


Service desk CRM solutions like bpm’online can greatly improve the way in which you solve customer queries. It’s important to show customers that you care about their problems. After all, a frustrating user experience may lead to never buying from you again.

The advantages of a service desk are the reduced cost and the simplicity of the platform. Even if you hire a new employee that’s never used a service desk platform like bpm’online they will quickly get the hang of it.

The cost of implementing service desk software is worth the cost when the benefits are considered. It’s one of the better investments an online business can make, regardless of what market they might be operating in.



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