Client Relationship Management Software as a Business Must

Have you ever thought of what all successful companies have in common, whether they are small regional offices or international corporations? The crucial thing is customer-orientation in every process of interaction with the consumer. If you have one or more clients, then it is not difficult to cope with them even having a notebook near you. But let’s imagine that you have 50, 100, 1000 and even more customers. Will standard office solutions help you to save all the important details of communication, agreements, documents? Will spreadsheets help your customer-facing staff to avoid chaos in the client base, prevent the loss of important data and, as a consequence, the loss of your income? Can manager effectively influence the results of sales with such primitive tools? And finally, what tools are used by a successful entrepreneur now to make his marketing strategy effective, and sales steadily growing? The perfect solution is CRM software or client relationship management software.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the interaction of the company with current and future customers. Software solutions that were previously used, automated and integrated all work with customers, including operations related to sales, marketing and maintenance. But modern best-in-class CRM systems go beyond the basic set of possibilities. They offer additional tools for client analytics, personalization, e-commerce, collaboration and social interaction, etc. Why is it necessary? To interact with customers on all possible channels.

CRM system. Why does a business need it?

Monitoring the interaction with customers can be a challenge, especially if you have a large client base. And here the CRM-system will help you. New CRM systems are used to centralize and store large amounts of data about current and potential customers, from the history of communication to social networking, and provide a real-time access to this data. You can analyze this data and use it to significantly improve:

  • volume of sales;
  • marketing efficiency;
  • quality of customer service;
  • interaction and sales through digital channels.

CRM Software. Which one to choose?

Having understood what CRM is, what it is used for and whether your business needs this platform, it’s time to figure out which of the existing software solutions should be selected. Fortunately, the market does not lack products, but are all of them worth considering as an acceptable business assistant?

Here we will look at some of the most common and proven CRM systems at the moment, and tell you why they are so popular. (//among the others)


Bitrix24 is a full-fledged corporate portal, which also includes a CRM-system. You can communicate with colleagues inside the company, set tasks for employees, keep customers’ records in the CRM system, plan working hours with the help of a calendar and automate the work of managers on your business processes. Thanks to the mobile application, you also get access to the system from anywhere in the world. The software provides a cloud and boxed version. Demo version is missing.


BaseCRM is one of the simplest CRM-systems, featuring a variety of functions, such as: ip-telephony, lead-manager, marketing tools, ip-telephony, integration and much more. Business owners often note the convenience of the CRM-system due to the mobile application, which can be confidently considered one of the best among all CRM-systems. Another major advantage of the system is the flexible ability to integrate with applications. To familiarize yourself with the product, you can use the demo version for 14 days.


bpm’online is a CRM system, offered by bpm’online vendor. This CRM-system covers the main areas of customer relationship management and organization of processes within the company. bpm’online helps to manage the whole sales cycle, from engaging the client until the conclusion of the contract and repeated sales. A simple and modern interface makes the work in the system intuitive and convenient. With the application, it is equally comfortable to work both on the computer and on mobile devices.

To get fully acquainted with the product, there is a free demo-version for 30 days.

With wide variety of features, extremely flexible customization and great using experience, this CRM system can be considered as a highly applicable tool for each business. Thus, let’s further stop our attention on its benefits, and try to figure out why the solution is a must.

bpm’online. What’s inside?

bpm’online, as a complex product, offers an extensive range of functions and capabilities for setting and solving different tasks. Here we will touch on functions that relate directly to working with clients.

360° customer view

Crucial feature that create a single database of contacts and counterparties for a company. Having the addresses and contact data of your customers, you can easily display them on an interactive map. The system also helps you monitor the activity and relationships of each client, which allows you to build with him the most beneficial and effective relationship. Using 360° customer view, manager can:

  • upgrade information with no extra effort thanks to intelligent data enrichment which automatically finds all available clients’ information in open sources;
  • search for clients on Facebook and Twitter and get information about them in one click;
  • control the plentitude of your clients’ information, their contacts and active transactions;
  • segment contacts and contraparties to understand the structure of your client base.
  • build relationships with customers and business partners based on the complete history of your communication.

Lead Management

The feature allows to add new lead to your database with only a few clicks. System automatically checks the information, creates a new contact card and assists you in a follow-up work with the lead.

Opportunity management

Complete function package for managing all your sales within a single system section. For each transaction, determine the tactics, the main competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, the key participants in the transaction on the client’s side, their role in the decision. You can also create sales forecasts, based on client’s budget, transaction stage and probability, and the closing date of the transaction.

Orders and invoices

Manage all your company’s orders. You can group orders at the implementation stage, the budget, product groups and services, by responsible executors. Monitor the current status of your company’s key orders and analyze the effectiveness of order’s execution.


High competition in various business sectors has recently been increasingly equalizing the difference in the price, range and quality of the products offered, and it is working with the customer that becomes one of the main driving forces of business.

Thus, CRM system itself has become a crucial tool which reveals the real value of each client, the basis of your sales and profit.

If you’re ready to get started with best CRM system, take bpm’online 14-days free trial and make the first step to a better future for your company.



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