Process-driven CRM for your business

With BPM-driven CRM software, your employees will be able to deal with daily workflow and hundreds of customers. Performing the whole gamut of functions, CRM tools help you develop, grow and make the right choices.

If you want to optimize the storage and get more sources from where the data about your customers is gathered to use it for improvement of your company’s performance, you need a versatile solution – a process-driven CRM, which serves a symbiosis of data processing and business operation management. With bpm’online CRM, you will have a versatile platform to handle all customer data and sales flow. This is the most optimal choice for businesses that want to formalize and improve sales processes.

What is process-driven CRM?

In comparison to traditional CRM, process-driven CRM not only gathers and stores customer data, it performs in-depth analysis of information to suggest appropriate steps and ways for improvement of your company. Besides, this software allows for controlling transactions at all stages starting from marketing and customer attraction, and finishing by order completion and long-term partnership. Therefore, CRM serves as a means of business process management with use of relevant information about customers and sales.

6 Reasons to choose BPM-driven CRM

“Why should I deploy modern CRM software, if I already have the old BPM programs installed?” – would you ask. In fact, solutions from bpm’online feature many functions and advantages that make them superior. There are at least six reasons to opt for our programs:

  1. Our entire business process management software is easily integrated with all devices (PC, tablets, smartphones) on different platforms.
  2. This is a cost-effective solution, as the process-driven CRM features a single environment for performing all processes and ensuring communication between employees and their customers. You don’t need to install many different programs to optimize workflow: CRM is an all-in-one option that saves your money and time.
  3. In comparison to employees, CRM software works for your company 7/24/365, and is not prone to mistakes. All operations are done correctly and in time. A faultless solution!
  4. All CRM and BPM tools from bpm’online provide their users with simple and fast access to corporate data. Wherever new information is added or updated, users will be able to get it instantly, no matter where they are located. Therefore, if your staff is spread over departments and offices in different regions, a BPM system will enable them with possibility to interact quickly and efficiently. Besides, you can specify access settings for both system administrators and users.
  5. Smart and intuitive interface makes work a simple task: employees will quickly comprehend program navigation – no special courses or studying required.
  6. Our software is worth every cent spent! Opportunities and functions provided by process-driven CRM quickly pay off. You pay once, and have an infinite range of tools at your disposal forever.

This list can go on and on. CRM software is gaining popularity among small-, middle-, and large-scale companies that offer different products and services. You can be the next to deploy such software and get as much benefit as you wish!

process-driven CRM bpm'online

Choose a program tailored for your company

Not sure whether your organization needs CRM and BPM software? If your enterprise is constantly developing, and the number of customers grows daily, such solution will come in handy. How it can help your company and your team?

It will store and process customer data, analyzing it and suggesting sales pitches and other steps for development. Your employees will keep tabs on numerous transactions, have instant access to necessary data and the opportunity to share info with each other quickly. Besides, the system will notify users about info renewal, deadlines, contract dates, etc.

One program that performs all mission-critical tasks for your business is not a dream anymore – process-driven CRM is already available today.

Where can I get a CRM software?

Bpm’online is one of the leading companies that provide CRM and BPM programs for middle-sized corporations. The software is compatible with most devices and platforms, and performs hundreds of tasks. No matter what your needs and industry peculiarities are, bpm’online technical experts can tailor the system in a way it will ideally suit your budget and requirements.

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