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Executive Summary

CRM solutions allow businesses to manage and organize relationships with their customers and clients through consolidating contact information in a manner that is accessible by relevant team members and decision-makers. Some solutions can also cater to processes automation, performance monitoring and business insights. This is particularly important for CRM in banking and financial services.

Different systems have different feature sets. However, a modern CRM solution will include at least the following functions, which address core requirements across all business types:

  • Interaction Tracking: Many CRM solutions allow you to track all conversations conducted with your customers across all online and offline channels. These interactions may be logged manually or automatically through integrations with your telephony systems, email servers and social media accounts.
  • Workflow Automation: workflow automation allows businesses to standardize business processes by combining tasks, timelines, calendars and notifications. For example, the solution can automatically allocate the next task in the process once the previous task has been completed. Additionally, they can also trigger automated alerts, reminders and escalations in response to various events along the process.
  • Contact Management: Modern CRM platforms include a searchable database of client contact information along with numerous attachments, such as identification scans, contracts, service history and proposals. This feature is typically found in most CRMs, but will be at the core of industry-specific systems (such as bank CRM software).
  • Analytics and Reporting: Most modern CRM solutions include the ability to generate analytics and reporting that will track performance and productivity. These reports may represent, for example, the amount of revenue generated or created from new contacts. These tools are critical for sales forecasts and are of paramount importance for CRM in bank

CRM Solutions For Banks

CRM Solutions For Banks

Corporate banking CRM (also known as CRM for Banking) is crucial for banking industry to deliver reliable support to its client base. With CRM for banks, financial institutions can greatly improve the experience of their clients, making them less likely to switch over to their competitors.

So in addition to the common features listed above, the modern bank CRM platforms feature the following:

  • Account Consolidation: Most financial institutions rely on multiple legacy systems to access client information. This creates a labor-intensive and unreliable data environment. Modern CRM for banks consolidate customer data into a single platform. This results in the ability to manage client investments, preferences, payments and risks from one location.
  • Financial Research: Some CRM banking software, especially ones made for non-banking financial institutions, provide access to consolidated industry data, covering competitive analysis, financial news and real time stock indices.
  • Banking Workflow Automation: Banking CRM software helps banks and financial institutions speed up financial application processes, from initiation all the way to approval and fund allocation. This feature covers industry standard workflows that are related to such processes as universal credit checks and further risk assessment and analysis, based on previous account activities and financial history.
  • Data Security & Compliance: Government regulation within the banking industry, which covers customer data security heavily, has extensive requirements. Failing regulation requirements is a bank’s worst nightmare. CRM banking solutions are a huge asset that aid banks by ensuring audit friendly

Leading CRM in Banking and Financial Services

With all of the above criteria in mind, let us take a closer look at the leading banking CRM solutions available today:


bpm’online is an intelligent and versatile process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service that is suitable for small and midsize businesses and big enterprises regardless of  the industry your business specializes in. Apart from being a reputable CRM in the banking industry, bpm’online empowers businesses with tools to manage the complete customer lifecycle from lead generation and to repeat sales and service provision. It allows financial institutions to consolidate marketing, sales and service activities within a single regulatory compliant scalable and integration-ready CRM platform.

bpm’online software for banks


Salesforce is an on-demand CRM platform that offers solutions for both SMBs and enterprises, having a strong focus on sales and support. However, Salesforce solutions are available only as on cloud solutions, which can be a problem for compliance in many countries. provides an extensible platform that allows customer development and additional bespoke functionality.

Salesforce software for banks


SAP CRM is a comprehensive, industry-specific client management solution with various built-in automation capabilities for marketing, sales and customer support, help desk and channel management. The system is available on premise and on-cloud. The sales, marketing and service modules allow businesses to acquire and retain new customers by effectively managing the sales pipeline, marketing campaigns and service operations. Other modules include channel management, interaction center, web channel, and business communications management.

SAP software for banks

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft’s CRM is a CRM platform from Microsoft’s Dynamics family of business product family. It was created to provide businesses with the ability to sell effectively and market productively. The platform boasts a variety of features, including social insights, business intelligence, and enhanced productivity by integrating with other Microsoft solutions. Customers have a choice between on-premise, on-cloud and hybrid deployments.

 Microsoft software for banks


Marketing360 is not a largely known CRM in the banking sector as it is an online CRM platform that targets entrepreneurs, as well as SMBs. Nevertheless, it allows smaller financial institutions who do not need all the bells and whistles of larger platforms to execute social media campaigns, conduct SEO activities and analyze digital marketing performance and ROI.

Marketing360 software for banks


Freshdesk offers true multi-channel customer support that documents every customer interaction into a single, user-friendly platform. It helps customer support staff address and resolve customer requests in a timely manner, without losing any of that information. It has robust integration capabilities with other information sources and analytics engines.

Freshdesk software for banks



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