Marketing Automation 101: Definition, Benefits, and Choosing the Right Technology

This year, the biggest challenges marketers will have to face are the marketing impact, quality content production, establishing the brand’s credibility, and correct distribution of marketing channels. Since customer expectations have changed due to the digital revolution, they expect much more in the age of the customer.

One way to efficiently handle ever-growing customer demands is by utilizing the power of marketing automation. Often described as marketing and sales software, marketing automation can help your team overcome any obstacle on their way. So let’s get familiar with the purpose of marketing automation and the benefits it can offer to your business.

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What Does Marketing Automation Stand For?

What is marketing automation

What is marketing automation? There are many definitions online, but they all come down to a special software designed to automate marketing processes, as well as streamline and measure marketing tasks, efforts, and productivity so that organizations can improve their operational efficiency and increase revenue.

Marketing automation is the best marketing strategy that allows businesses to nurture customer relationships, create a personalized experience, and efficiently turn prospects into loyal consumers. Currently, approximately 51% of companies utilize marketing automation, while 67% of marketing leaders are already using a marketing automation platform.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

What can a marketing automation system do for your organization? The most important advantage of marketing automation software is the elimination of repetitive tasks in order to simplify marketing tasks and optimize workflow. In return, marketing staff gains extra time to focus on tasks that require manual work while the overall productivity grows. The best part is that this time-saver also allows you to:

  • Retain and expand your customer base: Marketing automation supports marketers with an in-depth overview of current and potential customers. Empowered by this information, marketers are able to create real-time data-driven strategies that will increase the retention of both customers and leads.
  • Reduce costs: Marketing automation is a perfect solution for small businesses, as it can save them a lot of money. By reducing marketing department expenditure, companies can make the most of their resources.
  • Maintain multi-channel consistency: Staying active on social media is a must for any modern business. Thanks to marketing automation software, you can schedule automated posts on popular platforms and expand your presence across multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, email, text messages, and others. Visitors can stay engaged across multiple channels while the company retains consistency. It’s a win-win!
  • Track and monitor marketing campaigns: Tracking marketing campaigns and monitoring responses on specific parameters can help achieve marketing success. Marketing automation keeps track of each campaign, including email and social media posts to fuel detailed reports.
  • Achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction: With marketing automation, marketers can offer precisely what customers prefer, i.e. they can create a personalized experience for every customer and lead. But if you choose to integrate marketing automation with a CRM platform, you can maximize your results and achieve a greater rate of customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right Solution?

Marketing Automation Solutions

With all the software solutions out there, how do you find the right one? Based on marketing automation options, here is the list of essentials to look for:

  • Complexity (a broad set of tools)
  • User-friendly dashboard and intelligent interface
  • Customization capabilities
  • Easy integration and alignment with sales
  • Analytic and reporting tools (tracking, monitoring, and analyzing data)
  • Integration capabilities with other systems
  • Costs and Mobility

Based on these criteria, here are our top marketing automation software picks:

  • Bpm’online
  • SearchCRM
  • HubSpot
  • LeadSquared
  • Oracle
  • Marketo

In this day and age, marketing automation has become a standard. It’s a powerful tool for digital marketers and the ecommerce industry in general, as well as a nurturing system that customers prefer due to a personalized service that shows them a company values its clients. More importantly, marketing automation is a software solution that can lower costs, increase revenue, and help organizations gain worldwide awareness.

On the other hand, there are many different kinds of market automation technology. Whether simple or more complex, be sure to pick the right software your business. We recommend that you follow our list and specific guidelines in order to experience the full potential of marketing automation with maximum ease.



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