How to improve your service desk with the help of a smart tool

An impeccable customer service can be easily translated into loyal clients. And this, of course, comes with the great advantage of offering steady profits, and in many cases even a boost of sales. And since in many cases, the busiest department in a company is the service desk, offering the department in cause a smart tool to automate their internal processes and to increase the quality of their services is mandatory. A smart tool many seem to opt for is the bpm’online that can be found at However, below we have more information regarding the benefits of implementing a smart system to assist your help desk in order to carry their tasks easier and with increased efficacy.

These systems feature intelligent customer support tools

Maybe one of the greatest advantages of investing in such systems is the increased number of intelligent tools that can automate and ease the internal processes carried by the service desk team. Some of the most valuable tools are as described below.

  • Omnichannel communication – this tool usually allows communication between teams and the service team and customers by using a single interface. Communication can be easily handled by using emails, calls and even a company social network. This comes as a great benefit for those seeking to improve communication and collaboration between teams, but also between the company and its customers.
  • A resourceful contact centre – a smart service desk automation tool will always feature a resourceful and intelligent contact centre. Storing all the contact details of a customer, including a list of their interactions with your company, these centres are oftentimes able to eliminate duplicate information and centralize the relevant one in a single place.
  • Automated answers – some systems like these have preconfigured answers to some of the most frequent questions that appear from the customers. This comes to boost the company’s productivity.

These are some of the most beneficial tools that such systems integrate. Some other popular vendors are Sensus BPM Software and Scoro. Look into those if you want to learn about the options available on the market.

bpm'online service desk

The advantages of using an efficient customer relations tool

Of course, due to the increased number of smart tools featured by these products, there emerge a series of advantages. Designed to improve the relationship between departments and your company and customers, these systems will create a loyal customer, ready for future sales.

  • Better client relationship – an increased amount of information regarding your clients or customers will increase the positive image they have about your company. This will increase the chances of further collaborations between your company and the clients that are already part of your portfolio, and it will also increase the chances of gaining new clients, based on recommendations.
  • Cross-sell abilities – because these systems allow you to know more about your clients, you gain the ability to predict their needs and anticipate those.
  • Keep your customers happy – because you know so much about their needs, you gain the prospect of offering solutions for their needs. This will increase their satisfaction levels with your company.
  • Increased revenue and profitability – with happy customers, there come more sales, and with more sales, there come increased profits.

This is why a continuously increasing number of companies prefer investing in such systems. All the benefits, gathered bring more advantages than the expenses involved by implementing one.

How to select a great service desk tool

There are plenty of alternatives when it comes to CRM systems, but each company should pick a product that is suitable for their needs. Assessing and evaluating those will assure you that the decision made will increase the benefits that emerge from implementing such systems. For instance, opt for the type of product that in offering increased benefits from the department and areas that is lacking productivity. A business process automation tool will come in handy for all departments, while a system that manages only sales will come in handy for only for the sales department. This is why, in many cases, it is necessary to pot for a bundle of systems, an expanded option that handles business process management, sales, marketing and customer relations, all at once.



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