CRM Solutions That Matter

CRM stands for customer relationship management. In a nutshell, CRM products are designed to manage business relationships and take care of all the company’s data and information that is related to them. Using a CRM system, you can store your existing and potential client information, sales opportunities, leads, and accounts in a single place, desirably in the cloud, so that your information would be accessible by all your agents, in real time.

In order to build a dynamic business, your company needs to lay a foundation of vibrant customer relationships. As a seller of services/products, you need to stay in touch with people who will buy your products or use your services. Meanwhile, you will need to build relationships with potential clients and look for new market opportunities in order to succeed. As your business grows your business relationships will be more sophisticated. For this reason, you will need a tool that will assist you in managing those connections.

Why CRM is important for growing businesses

Social platforms are somewhat similar to CRM solutions since they are built around relationships and people. Therefore, customer relationship management solutions are so vital for growing businesses. They help manage numerous connections with companies and people you do business with. In the process of work, your agents will need to handle information within your company and share data with different teams, so your CRM system may serve as a vital command center to take care of many relationships that are built in a fast-growing business.

Some benefits of online CRM solutions

While some businesses use old-fashioned methods to manage customer information such as Excel spreadsheets or note cards, CRM solutions online offer the following benefits to the user:

  • Cloud storage of valuable data to make it accessible to staff members;
  • Collecting precious data in a single location;
  • Consolidation of data that comes from several sources;
  • Freeing up more of your time due to automation of processes.

Four best CRM solutions that will satisfy your demands

  1. Bpm’online promises the product, which will connect your sales, service, and marketing departments. The company claims that its product will help your business grow by building strong ties with customers. This CRM tool has the following characteristics:
  • This bpm’online’s product has a user-friendly interface that allows quick learning and easy navigation. CRM users enjoy its well-thought-out design that frees from irrelevant information and allows them to focus on important things.
  • This CRM software offers a high level of automation. You can easily manage your documents, track them in the system, or connect them with customers. This tool offers pre-set templates that allow easy creation of new documents and adding your information to them.
  • This CRM is very helpful for management of business processes. All internal processes are automated, and this product provides a set of tools to ensure the maximum efficiency of your company’s operation.


  1. Sage CRM undertakes to elevate your business to new heights. This product helps companies every day by delivering quality solutions that can change your business dramatically. This package has the following features:
  • Clients are offered quality and choice due to this product’s exceptional flexibility. You are guaranteed end-to-end visibility so that you could stay informed about your business processes and make well-balanced decisions at all times.
  • You can accelerate your performance right now by increasing your productivity by up to 40%. Your sales teams will be more effective with the help of this CRM solution. Based on real-time information, your agents will be able to make better business decisions.
  • Your marketing campaigns will deliver the right results. You can manage them across multiple channels through this CRM tool. Once your campaigns become more targeted your profits will grow.

Sage CRM

  1. Prophet CRM solution is an effective CRM and sales pipeline management software. It is different from other CRM products because it is embedded into your MS Outlook. This tool has many helpful features that will make your business more successful:
  • Your sales teams will be more efficient with the help of this CRM solution. Its automation features allow reduction of repetitive tasks and notification of sales agents of the need for follow-up activities.
  • The reporting and analytics tool that is an integral part of this solution allows merging of data received from your email client program and other sources. That is a very important feature that helps visualize processes within your sales pipeline.
  • Since every company has its own unique needs, this CRM solution is highly customizable to suit your requirements. It has all the basic templates to create new documents.

Prophet CRM solution

  1. Bitrix24 is a social network for business. This CRM software provides tools for document sharing, task management, and other operations for your efficient work and communication. It has the following characteristics:
  • This solution can be customized to represent your employee profiles, contact information (social profiles, email addresses, and phone numbers) in the best possible way. Search may be conducted, for instance, by interests or skills.
  • This CRM system allows time management. Your worktime can be configured according to your needs. Company/Team/Personal efficiency reports will be made available if required.
  • This product ensures safety of your documents. They can be both shared and private. If necessary, your documents can be made accessible to outside users so that they can download or view a file. Each staff member will have his/her own file/document storage. You can work with your documents in Bitrix 24 or through integration with regular MS Office products.




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