Client Relationship Management Software

What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM (client relationship management) – is an adaptable tool that allows you to automate all the work in your company, starting from the employees’ everyday tasks up to final reports, helping your company reach success.

CRM allows you to track all contacts with the client, from his/her first contact with the company up to the after-sales contact with it. In contrast to the old approach to sales, which adhered to the principle of “the main objective is to sell goods,” CRM focuses on maintaining the customer even after the sale, to help ensure that even after a rather long period of time, he/she does not fall out of the company’s list of loyal clients. How exactly is this carried out?

No matter how harmonious and attentive the team of your specialists and sales department does their work, ridiculous mistakes always happen. While the CRM platform fully automates all processes and thereby excludes the possibility of making mistakes. This system is not only the best way to track all the ways and developments of situations, but it also helps determine where and at what stage the mistake was made and thereby help avoid long processes and customer complaints.

However, it should be understood that the above mentioned situation is more of an example of how CRM can help your business. Understanding the purpose and privileges of implementing this system in your company is another issue.

Among CRM’s most important features is that the systems collect data from several different communication channels, such as a company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials as well as social media.

Thus, separate departments of the company receive all the necessary information on customer requests, their preferences, wishes, and the readiness to purchase a particular product. And this information is of key importance for the sales and marketing department to begin taking active steps for the promotion of the lead through the entire path from request to sale.

So how was the idea of creating a system focused on improving customer relationships, their retention and customer focus, came up?

Back in 1970s information on customer satisfaction was still gained with the help of annual surveys. Thus, companies depended on offline mainframe systems for automating sales. That was the only way for them to categorize the information they had about customers in charts and lists.

Gradually, the leaders of large organizations began to understand that the loss of communication with the client, even with the most loyal, brings huge losses to the company. Conversely, the more often the client was reminded that he/she “is not forgotten” and that his/her trust is of high priority for the company, the more confident the sales grow in their volume. Such reminders were certainly not arrogant; on the contrary, they carried a special character not to frighten the client.

Step by step, sales and marketing began to approach the modern understanding of sales and service. It was then clear that whatever performance the individual departments of the company have, some information will still be lost in the information cycle. It was then that specialists came to the conclusion that it was necessary to introduce an automated way of accomplishing certain actions, such as planning visits, calls, correspondence and other actions.

This helped to avoid situations when the manager simply forgets to call the customer and remind about the visit or about offering discounts.

What is automation of sales?

Sales force automation works with all stages of the business cycle, starting from the first entering of contact data, up to transferring a planned customer into a real customer. Thanks to it you have actualized deals advancement investigation, automated customer record history of both completed and future deals, etc. It predicts copy activities between a staff member and a customer and consequently monitors all contacts and subsequent meetings.

In addition to the advantages and features listed above, sales force automation also automates marketing, concentrating on facilitating the general promoting procedure, making it more practical and effective. CRM instruments with advertising computerization capacities are able to robotize rehashed assignments, such as, conveying mechanized showcasing messages at particular circumstances to clients, or posting promoting data through web-based networking media. The purpose of promoting mechanization is to transform a potential customer into a real client.

And in the end it should be mentioned about service automation that is the piece of the CRM framework concentrated on innovation benefits of the customers. With administration robotization, customers are monitored through various channels (telephone, email, information bases, FAQs, and many more).

Working with customer’s database

Having a great number of computer files, client database software monitors significant information about sales leads and clients and in this way helps you save such important resources as time and money. Sales teams and the staff get the opportunity to track the information in an easier way, using programs that work with tools like Outlook. With the help of these databases information can be easily accessed from sales, marketing and customer service departments and there will be no space for communication failures between them.

It is essential for managers to understand the needs of customers based on the information on them to be able to give the customer the exact product or service that he/she wants. This information can be collected by doing surveys and interviews with a company’s current clients. Studies show that the companies which have conducted surveys and interviews with their clients to find what kind of relations they want to have with the company, found valuable information on their customers which helped them decide their future activities.

In addition to this, companies also need to work on improving their client relationship management software. Companies today exchange great amount of data by emails, chat and phone calls. Nevertheless, most companies do not give proper attention to this data, while this could help them understand the type of relationships a client prefers to have with the company.  All of these are signs of what types of relationships the client prefers to have with the firm.

A company should analyze this information to be able to understand what kinds of relationship clients prefer best of all. Establishing strong relationship with your customers will eventually lead to success.

What will Customer Relationship Database give to your Business?

For creating a successful business one needs to establish strong bonds with customers. In case a customer is dissatisfied with how he/she is treated, he/she will quickly start looking for another business to better meet his/her needs. With database for relationship management software companies can modify communication with customers and stop insisting on disturbing communication with them.

Using client relationship administration database professionals are also able to classify customers by specific groups. In this way advertisements will be sent only to right customers. By implementing a CRM database you can track who in fact buys a particular item, thus the advertising department will be able to focus on the right target which will in its turn result in higher volume of sales.

CRM works more effectively if you use it in different departments of your company. Those companies that implement CRM prove to be more successful in their business than the one who do not. When data is set in an appropriate place, you do not have to spend extra time on exchanging messages. With a database promotion groups are able to produce better quality reports to various departments of the company and the administration.

10 Best CRM Software

The article will introduce you the 10 best client management software vendors that have the highest review rates and are the most popular ones among thousands of users in today’s market.

Bpm’online CRM Software

Bpm’online is process-driven client relationship management software that is designed for marketing, sales, as well as service automation. With this solution companies can manage the client lifecycle starting from leads up to sales and customer service.

Bpm'online CRM Software

As it is not easy to monitor your company’s customer relationships, especially when the number of your customers is constantly growing, Bpm’online CRM can be a great help. This CRM enables companies to get rid of this problem storing all your data in one single software solution. The CRM offers both web-based and on-premise application that is able to cover the whole client-related process, from the first to the last step.

The browser-based dashboard of this CRM is has a good structured and is intuitive. The three sections can be accessed through a dropdown menu, thus giving the users the opportunity to easily navigate from one feature to another. In addition, Bpm’online CRM is equipped with a platform library allowing system designers and technical to create and use interfaces made by themselves.

It is important to state that the main objective of Bpm’online CRM is providing your team with the tools and instruments needed for acquiring, managing and supporting clients seeking to increase both customer lifetime value and their satisfaction. Thanks to its advanced capabilities but at the same time simple and intuitive interface, Bpm’online is a solution that can be effective for only big scale companies, but it can also meet the needs of rather smaller ones.

The marketing segment of Bpm’online is a multifunctional marketing application that gives marketing experts an opportunity of creating and supporting relationship with their customers.

The sales segment of Bpm’online is force automation (SFA) instrument the main function of which is helping users manage the sales cycle from lead generation to dealing with customers.

To sum up we can state that the advantages of Bpm’online CRM provide you with:

  • Opportunity to better qualify leads,
  • Ability to check leads for duplicates in an easier way
  • Ability to search the system for similar leads, thus identifying a prospect’s needs faster and easier
  • More productive work thanks to the simple interface
  • Ability of resolving cases faster and setting up strong long-term relationship with customers

Infusionsoft CRM Software

Infusionsoft  is a web-based CRM software created to help small and medium size businesses build better relations with their clients. The client follow up software includes tools for sales and marketing automation that help users to find new opportunities as well as to convert more leads within limited time.

 Infusionsoft CRM Software

Infusionsoft includes a contact management system which is a professional solution for service automation. The program gives users the opportunity of monitoring over 10,000 contacts. The number changes when you pick up a higher or lower plan.

The section for contact management has client portals with tools created for making notes on the level of the customer’s commitment. It keeps record of each contact interaction, and users are able to use this data for creating reports, making timelines, sales-related activities, and so on.


With the help of sales automation features uses can generate and share client quotes from the client relationship management software. Thus customers are allowed to accept quotes and convert them into orders so that the customers make the payment online. You can as well conduct management of the sales pipeline, thus ensuring that sales staff will never misses a lead.

Infusionsoft also provides business users with such capabilities as importing and storing online and offline contacts at one single place. Each engagement with the clients is logged automatically and automated follow-up messages are generated by the software. Infusionsoft is also equipped with tools for establishing a digital storefront designed for selling product to the clients. With it businesses can easily manage their shopping carts, easily handle billing and other services related to payment, and all this can be done from a single system.

In addition, the CRM has advanced analytics tools that help to generate important business insights from information on client engagement and to make right decisions. The CRM is compatible with Android and iOS.

HubSpot CRM Software

HubSpot  is cloud-based CRM software created to help organizations of all sizes in monitoring leads as well as analyzing business metrics. This CRM software offers users a visual dashboard that has a real-time view of the entire set of sales processes. This allows users to monitor client interactions automatically via email, telephone calls and social media.

HubSpot CRM is smart and user-friendly software which is equipped with all the necessary main features, but at the same time is not complicated. With it one can easily create good looking profiles of contacts and the company itself. And in the same way can organize the information from the customers’ communication with the company. The CRM helps you effectively assign and monitor the deals, keep control of the agents’ performance, and has a detailed dashboard where the whole staff can monitor the company’s activities in a single place.

With HubSpot users are allowed to create and manage email templates and follow up their performance. Moreover, the software can send notifications for some activities carried out by customers, for example when they open an email or download an attachment.

 HubSpot CRM Software

Salesforce CRM Software

The complex product offered by Salesforce is designed to meet the needs of both large and small businesses. The Salesforce cloud is an on-demand CRM suite that is also equipped with applications for small, medium size and enterprise companies, and is focused on sales and support.

Salesforce has a module of sales force automation which is the company’s first product introduction. SFA, representing the highest income contribution, has software functionality not very different from other cloud CRM products. Actually, in some terms it has even fewer features than some of its competitors. However, this CRM has gained special attention in the market thanks to its simplicity and user experience. The software’s user interface (UI) is quite simple, intuitive and has huge impact on consumer technologies. The main objective of this CRM is reaching customer satisfaction rather than data management.

Salesforce CRM Software

Sales Cloud CRM has classical Partner Relationship Management (PRM). This app synchronizes communication between leader of the company and third party channels. PRM makes it easier for users to manage everyday processes of distribution and registration of leads, content sharing and customer data monitoring.

Among facilities that Salesforce has are sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management, as well as customer service. With the help of these applications organizations can manage accounts of the customers, track sales leads, monitor marketing campaigns, etc.

Salesforce has an opportunity for Outlook integration that allows users to sync contacts, calendars, emails and tasks in both of the applications. Salesforce oriented on small business allows users to run contacts, track sales deals, handle tasks and events, as well as monitor customer’s performance. It is important to mention that CRM Salesforce solutions are designed only for software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment. provides a technology stack that embraces database and security as well as workflow and user interface.

This platform is convenient and user-friendly, and can be easily implemented in companies whose management is wants to avoid a painful and long procedure of CRM implementation.

ProsperWorks CRM Software

ProsperWorks is a professional online CRM platform created for users of Google Apps. The platform is designed to be a simple and useful tool. The main objective of the software is help users manage a business in an easier way as the CRM provides the complete picture of what is going on in the company.

In 2017 Prosperworks won 2 awards: Expert’s Choice Award and Great User Experience Award. Soon after the platform is integrated it positively impacts cooperation with the company’s customers, thus raising the effects of your digital activity. ProsperWorks is an instrument necessary for automating main operations of any company. Being one of the most advanced CRMs in the current market, this solution will as well react to the anticipation of creative teams. ProsperWorks is also available for mobile usage and is applicable to all devices.

This CRM has email integration, opportunity management, as well as lead tracking. The details of the clients are saved automatically, after which the system conducts an online search for finding relevant data. Each file that is sent by email is instantly stored in a special page created for the customer, and the system saves all the interactions so that users can know when exactly they have contacted the client. Recent and upcoming events, such as meetings and calls, are logged in the program, and in addition to this, the software offers new contacts based on previous experience. As the program has email integration, tasks are accessible in Gmail as well, and users are able to manage sales better and within less time.

ProsperWorks CRM Software

There is one more reason for which ProsperWorks is appreciated: it helps the users to control the whole sales process and use many different reports for capturing opportunities.

Users are able to set enough pipeline on each stage of sales, involve and disposition needs any time it is necessary, and, which is the most important, users can see where exactly a lead is coming from. Pipeline status, progress of lead funnel, conversion rates and other essential metrics are shown in one single dashboard, so there will not be a need of combining or comparing outcomes from various summaries.

Chime Software

Chime software is a CRM application created for small and medium size businesses working in the field of real estate. The CRM is equipped with staff management features, as well as features of lead, customer and content management. Founded by experts in the field of real estate, Chime initially was a project aimed at solving the problems agents were facing by making a solution that combines all digital tools for real estate into one straightforward platform. Chime CRM sends automated alerts every time a new lead is impute. In addition, users are able to create auto- reply emails for new leads.

Using simple assignment rules managers are allowed to automatically assign leads to particular agents. Email marketing campaigns may be established both for individual agents and a whole organization. Content management system of this CRM provides configurable templates and color schemes for the website of the organization. Among features of the website can be live chat between agents and visitors of the website, a search tool and blog comments by the visitors. Every activity a visitor carries out on the website is monitored and reported in the CRM module. There can also reports be run for lead sources, revenue, web traffic and so on.

Chime Software

Base Software

Base  CRM Software is an application that has both web and cloud-based versions. The software is designed for B2B and B2C sales professionals with the purpose of helping them manage sales, monitor leads, find new customers, etc. The CRM offers an offline sales automation process with possibilities of joint channel management, as well as web self-service capacity. Base CRM makes it possible for sales teams to easily grab, arrange and rightly monitor leads. It is easier for sales team to funnel leads from multiple sources, such as websites, spreadsheets or some marketing platform. Users are able to monitor sales and have a complete appearance on the sales pipeline with a feature of strong sales reporting. The software enables managers to control sales process by working with regions and teams through Base CRM. With this software users are able to establish specific objectives for particular teams and control them using a smartphone or some other mobile device.

Base Software

For a business that is concentrated on meeting clients’ needs, software prices do not always play the main role when one acquires a new application for his/her software infrastructure. This is especially true in cases when there is direct communication involved.

Base CRM system will have a big positive impact on the productivity and relationship management quality of any business. It is among the most successful lead scoring and evaluation systems that have been created so far, and thanks to its comprehensive insights on all sales stages you can easily understand both weaknesses and opportunities.

This CRM is quite unique in the way how it performs sales. Namely, it offers users a Pipeline section where they have the opportunity to add, edit, and customize deal pages. They can as well import leads and involve collaborators. Base CRM will also suite perfectly for large teams that seek to monitor progress together. Base CRM provides native applications for iOs, Android and Windows phones. It can also be integrated with MailChimp. The solution offers a free two-week trial and is suitable for small and medium size businesses.

NetSuite Software

NetSuite CRM is a CRM solution that offers companies an opportunity to get a 360-degree real time view of deals with their clients. Users have the opportunity of receiving a stream of information from all points during the whole client lifecycle.  This platform allows companies to deliver customer experience from the very first stages of lead management up to fulfillment.

NetSuite Software

The software offers users not only traditional features that most of the CRM systems provide. Aside from common capabilities NetSuite includes powerful professional instruments for automation of marketing and sales, and customer service management. This platform incorporates traditional and advanced facilities for helping businesses gain more profit. It includes such powerful features as client data management, marketing analysis and many more.

One of the most useful functionalities, as stated by users, is contact management. Information on contacts, the role they have in the company, the history of relations can all be included there.  Every cooperation with a client is stored in a very portable timeline, where and users can have easy access to the whole information on the client.

This software provides companies with an opportunity of monitor every activity carried out by customers and website visitors, and all the data is imported and stored in the system. In cases when employees do not input a customer’s personal information, NetSuite stores all the web-paths they use and the web-pages they view. Later, the whole data are delivered to the staff dealing with sales, and they use the information when doing marketing campaigns and generation of leads.

NetSuite CRM+ is a cloud-based CRM that matches interests of small and medium size companies. It offers services to thousands of clients across a number of industries that include wholesale distribution, manufacturing, publishing, retail and many more. This software also offers sales force automation, e-commerce, customer data management, marketing analytics, etc. The company also has an iPhone application that helps extend the functionality of the software to mobile devices as well.

The function of analytics can combine back-office metrics and data with front-office operations for providing upper management with a complete view of the whole company. The structure of NetSuite CRM+ enables firms to personalize the software to meet their business needs to its maximum.

This platform offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment that operates on a multi-tenant structure and the whole information is stored in a safe data center. NetSuite is also equipped with an application development platform called the NetSuite Business Operating Platform which is responsible for providing instruments, as well as for planning, creating and deploying customizations whenever necessary.

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is a simple CRM solution that is designed to meet those needs of small enterprises that are related to relations with customers. The system is easy to use, is not expensive pricing, and delivers free customer support. This platform is cloud-based therefore can be configured easily and setup very fast.
Less Annoying CRM delivers applications created for effective contact management and sales force automation (SFA). Thanks to the platform the users can consolidate all of their customer information in a centralized and secure location that can be accessed easily by their team members.

This CRM platform offers applications that are created for efficient contact administration, as well as sales force automation (SFA). Through the platform the users will have the opportunity to keep all of their customer information in a centralized and safe location where it can be accessed easily by any of team members.

The product includes such features as lead tracking, note taking and task management. The CRM has a set of configuration options that are customizable. This allows sales professionals to manage sales processes and lead definitions and in this way enables them to connect their business with their individual industry requirements.

Less Annoying CRM

This web-based CRM tool does not require a purchase of extra hardware or installation of software into working system. Like many other software suppliers, Less Annoying CRM makes it possible for companies to register for a free trial period to test all the functionalities and features. This is done to help users decide if this CRM is a good fit for their operations or not.

This software’s contact management interface among the simplest ones in the market. User can see all contact information with details in one window, and can easily view contact information of any customer. The information includes all types of communication with the client and notes on them.

For Less Annoying CRM the value of leads is of major priority, therefore it includes an advanced feature that helps users monitor the leads and their stages. The information on leads is shown on priority basis, and in this way sales and marketing department staff are able to always make right decisions.

Less Annoying CRM dashboard has a view of the short notes on all actions and access to the functions the CRM has. Users can view the summary of the leads, activities, scheduled tasks and projects, as well as planned events. Recent activities of both the customers and team members are displayed separately so that there is no space for confusion.

This software is a CRM solution meeting the needs of small businesses by offering cloud-based deployment, different configuration options and a dashboard providing an overview of data on contacts, projects, and many more.

Contactually Software

Contactually Software is a CRM that makes business relationships result into real sales. This tool allows you to manage customer relationships and monitor communications with them using a simple and easy-to-use interface. This CRM is an ideal tool for small and midsize businesses that seek to have continuous communication with their customers and suppliers.

With this CRM you have an opportunity to import contacts, create categories, groups of contacts, use templates of printed documents, merge contacts, delete duplicates and automate actions. This is cloud-based CRM software that enables businesses to manage personalized communication with their customers. With Contactually CRM users can easily identify new opportunities, potential leads, relationships that will farther become possible sales, etc. This instrument allows businesses to organize their contact list into different categories to work with them easily.

Contactually has a dashboard for monitoring everyday follow-ups. With you can schedule events on a calendar and monitor engagement with your main customers. Companies can create several buckets from their contact list and customize the sales pipeline through a number of channels.

The CRM can act as a virtual prompter reminding the company staff about pending activities concerning contacting a customer. Moreover, it can serve as a trustworthy assistant performing a set of essential actions using different features. Thus, your team is free from conducting everyday activities like checks, scheduling, and performing standard communications.

Contactually Software

The primary goal of Contactually, as stated by developers, is providing companies with professional relations  management features so that users are relieved from wasting time on performing routine tasks.

With Contactually CRM user can import contacts to the system and categorize them into particular groups. They can later generate specific programs and pipelines for automating chain mails and other activities.

The advantage of using this software is that businesses have the opportunity of automating their workflow by conducting a number of actions in their own way. The CRM integrates with a wide range of email service providers (Gmail, Outlook, IMAP-based emails, etc.). The features include customer engagement history processing, lead assignment and distribution, business activity monitoring, and many more. The feature are also available on Android and iOS mobile devices.


The ability of creating strong customer relationships makes CRM software one of the most important instruments of any organization.

If a business wants to be successful, it should give customers the highest priority. With the help of customer data, businesses can deliver important and appropriate content that that will be very useful for the customer experience. For those companies that do not use client relationship management software, the above-mentioned can be very hard to achieve.

With the growth of CRM industry and a huge numbers of competitors in the market, companies should put more time and effort into finding the real needs of the customers.

In this article we discussed 10 CRM software that are the most popular ones in today’s market. The article introduced the main features and characteristics of each CRM separately.



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