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CRM Solutions That Matter

CRM stands for customer relationship management. In a nutshell, CRM products are designed to manage business relationships and take care of all the company’s data and information that is related to them. Using a CRM system, you can store your existing and potential client information, sales opportunities, leads, and accounts

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Call center

Call center in English literally means ' call centre, however, in Poland, most often referred to as a call center or simply the customer-SIDE, as well as the center of contact with customers. In this way shall be the General equipment, and people, which is used for bulk handling customers

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Process-driven CRM for your business

With BPM-driven CRM software, your employees will be able to deal with daily workflow and hundreds of customers. Performing the whole gamut of functions, CRM tools help you develop, grow and make the right choices. If you want to optimize the storage and get more sources from where the data

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CRM Software in Poland

To ensure effective and easy communication with customers, businessmen need to involve a lot of staff and process an enormous amount of information. That seems to be a hard task, but not with CRM programs. Being a part of business process management solutions, they will perform a lot of critical

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BPM for great success of a financial services company

Firms operating in the financial sector need to streamline their mission-critical business processes, simplify services, and enhance collaboration to keep up with strict regulatory pressures and ever-changing marketplace. More and more financial companies are investing in BPM for financial services – a smart business process optimization technology, which helps reduce

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