Call center

Call center in English literally means ' call centre, however, in Poland, most often referred to as a call center or simply the customer-SIDE, as well as the center of contact with customers. In this way shall be the General equipment, and people, which is used for bulk handling customers over the phone. This is one of the elements of the CRM system. Increasingly, customer says to contact center, because the phone is no longer the only means of help, this is also the internet.

In the classic call center consists of three main technologies:

  • ACD-automatic call distribution
  • IVR – auto service
  • CTI-integration of the telecommunications system with it

Conversation in a call center involve various issues, such as:

  • order products or services
  • information about them
  • marketing
  • telephone banking
  • Helpdesk (toll-free)
  • claims and complaints
  • reservation

Employees call center call clients in matters such as:

  • building addresses for marketing purposes
  • offering new services and products
  • market research
  • debt collection


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