Business process management platforms

Benefits business process management platforms and CRM systems

CRM and BPM systems are somewhat complementary to one another. To be more precise, BPM complements to CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and basically deals with processes that are targeted at management and analysis of customer data. While BPM is short for Business Process Management and relates to procedures and techniques that help enhance the strength and profitability of a business. The main purpose of CRM and BPM systems is to improve business relations with customers, optimize business processes, and enhance workflow.

BPM platforms

Business process management platforms are designed to boost your business. They represent sets of tools and techniques that are beneficial in several key areas:

– Enhanced workflow: Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach that portrays a business as a set of processes. A workflow is an organized and repeatable model of business activity initiated by the systematic arrangement of resources into processes that provide services, transform materials, and process information. In a particular process, documents, materials, or information is passed from one participant to another for action in accordance with established rules

– Easy to operate: BPM systems may be run as BPM on-site, which can be installed on computers with the help of software, or they may be cloud-based. Hence, its user doesn’t have to be a technical specialist to operate a business process management platform.

– Possibility  of best practices implementation: In order to be successful, businesses must always enhance their services and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. If a company wants to address specific issues, it needs to analyze it internal processes and change them accordingly. BPM software helps introduce best practices after analyzing and modeling new and current processes.

Workflow software

Workflows make employee tasks automatic and by doing so minimize the number of potential errors and reduce the time spent on the manual tasks.

For instance, in travel service providing sphere, a workflow software would have to manage a client’s vacation, including flight and hotel reservation, car rental, etc. The software developed for such businesses will provide tourist agencies with functionality and will also enable companies to create a new working environment and introduce innovations in order not only to define tasks and business processes, but also execute them through such regularly used tools as Word and others.

BPM software for travel business will improve its productivity, which means that the time spent on manual tasks will be reduced to the minimum due to the introduction of automated processes/workflows.

Also, this type of software will assist managers in visibility, i.e. they will be able to see what is happening with vital business processes on its every stage.

Workflow software will provide faster business reaction to any changes required. Whenever an organization encounters the need for market changes, it will be able to carry them out quickly thank to the possibility of its easy modifications.

And, on top of all that, workflow software helps improve accountability by means of time monitoring to carry out business functions, which results in continual process improvement and productivity measurement.


With the above in mind, we can have a fresh look at e-tourism as it may cover three areas: business process management, tourism, and information system and management. In the countries, where tourism makes high contributions to country’s economy, e-commerce and on-line management are the areas that are mandatory for integration into tourist business operations in order for it to be successful. Also, businesses need to relay updated information regarding their services. The gaps between those activities will be reduced or eliminated through the use of Business Process Management software.

Business Process Management software

Easy to operate tools

CRM and BPM systems are easy to operate. They can be deployed fast and used effectively to benefit businesses. Bpm’online products are based on reliable business process management platform. It is designed to provide agility required for testing, modification, and improvement of the processes in order to remain competitive in rapidly changing business environment

Sales, marketing and service can be aligned on one platform allowing to keep track of the entire customer journey from the first order to rapid sales or continuous customer service. BPM tools are designed to provide flexible deployment, easy configuration, and agile customization.

The heart of cutting-edge business process management platforms are their engines that provide the user with every necessary tool to execute all the stages of business process management – from designing to monitoring and analyzing.

Use of best practices

Business process management software incorporates best practices that are developed within the industry, and their use helps to adapt to constantly changing market conditions.

For instance, when a company encounters new changes in the market of customer service, it should be able to analyze them and incorporate them into its processes. Managers should be able to design new processes or make changes in the current ones, enabling the company to gain new tools to enhance its services. In most cases, the work of business managers depends on the ability to utilize IT resources and transform the designs developed into operation, control performance, and make rapid changes in services or production processes. So, customer management software is the answer to the challenges mentioned above.

This way, the use of best practices in business process management depends greatly on the ability to convert new designs into applications in order to keep up with the changes in the market. The bottom line is that managers need business-friendly tools to design and execute processes in any given industry, while being able to ensure their adaptation to market conditions.

 Collaboration between business and IT

Businesses are in need of IT services to design new processes. The use of IT allows for quick designing of new processes and helps to implement them across the organization while integrating with other systems. The visual designer tool makes the cooperation between businesses and IT possible and effective. It will not take much time for your IT specialists to integrate Business Process Management software other systems and eliminate unnecessary data duplication.

Once your core business processes become automated, they can easily pinpoint specific processes that have to be designed and start a joint work on the way to their transformation into executable applications.

Technology that supports agility

Modern business environment has become very competitive and it changes faster than ever. Every business needs to be agile and adapt to the ever-changing market and customer requirements. However, it may take months for a company to implement changes.

If your company is agile you can use the new opportunities before your competitors. You can provide new services, launch new products, and provide new knowledge to your agents and start new processes in order to grab a new share of the market.

Bpm’online products have the required agility to help your business adapt to new market conditions and be on the cutting-edge of your industry. As a result, you get a chance to pave the way for fast and frequent changes when you plan your processes and technology strategy.



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