Why Use Business Process Management for Law Firms

Many solo lawyers and small law firms do not really have any practical management skills. They know their job, but fail to achieve excellent results, as they lack the instruments, which are crucial to run efficient and profitable business. Fortunately, it’s never too late to analyze the company’s workflows, distinguish the activities contributing to smooth practice management, and implement the systems that will enhance the organization’s performance. This is BPM, or more precisely business process management for law firms that can cope with all these tasks with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the most popular solutions used by mid to large companies working in the sphere of case-law all over the world is bpm’online. It is a cloud-based platform focused on automation and streamlining of the firm’s processes, minimization of the gap between the organization’s stuff and customers, as well as the yield enhancement. Bpm’online CRM products possess a variety of tools for the efficient analysis of the customer database, turning the information obtained from multiple sources into actionable insights, and managing the field force efficiently. An important element of this BPM software is Enterprise Social Network, which lets organizations get updates and receive notifications on their latest deals and projects from a number of different channels. Read about all the benefits of the business process management for law firms at https://www.bpmonline.com/bpm/law.

business process management for law firms

Why Law Needs BPM

The organizations working in this sphere are typically concentrated on their partners (part owners and business managers of the legal acts), associates (the ones who are about to become the firm’s partners), and the employees who provide paralegal, clerical, and other services. Companies having no BPM tools face, as a rule, the following problems:

  • Poor document management;
  • Inefficiency of CRM approach;
  • Lack of regulation in day-to-day operations;
  • Lack of structure in the company’s library;
  • Shortage of instruments for project management;
  • Shortage of contract management procedures.

BPM solutions allow law firms for a noticeable improvement of the effectiveness, as most of their repeated processes get automated. Besides, the systems of the kind help organizations reinforce their databases by adding information from different sources, manage their projects with maximum efficiency, and perform a wide range of other missions. Having implemented an appropriate business process management platform, law firms get the perfect opportunity to rise to a new level of performance, which was proven by scientific studies and the results of statistical investigation. Finally, online BPM lets companies simplify and restructure their workflows in a way that is meaningful for both their customers and employees.

BPM for law firms

Functionality of BPM for Law Firms

Business process management arms law firms with a broad set of possibilities:

  • It lets companies capture administration management activities and products without any manual intervention. Thus, they get the opportunity to minimize possible errors and delays and decrease the amount of time needed for execution of non-billable procedures, such as reimbursement of expenditures.
  • BPM systems provide cross-practice collaboration of the right staff members, departments, and resources to tackle certain aspects of the company’s business processes. Once again, the law firm employees avoid manual intervention, which can lead to wrong decisions.
  • BPM and CRM are easily integrated across all practice softwares and apps. Thus, you can create a universal work system, aligning together all the solutions used by the company. This provides higher efficiency and security of the organization’s data, as there is no further re-keying. Besides, this approach extends the lifecycle of most legacy systems: when combined with business process management tools, they do not need replacement.
  • BPM solutions for law firms provide centralized record management and storage, which lets organizations attach corresponding work files and documents to a certain task as it proceeds through workflow. Besides, when a company uses standardized documents, it gets the opportunity to centralize all its papers and files within the platform and thus make the process of change management much easier.

business process management tools for law firms

Seven Law Practices Improved by BPM

We have already mentioned that business process management for law firms enhances a number of workflows and provides data security. But when we talk about process improvement, we mean, first of all, the following seven procedures that form the core of the company’s performance:

  1. Business process management software helps organizations evaluate and control the quality of their services, maintain the optimal level of efficiency, and use the timelines correctly.
  2. This aspect of the law firm’s life includes market research, self-presentation, and building relationships with potential clients. BPM online tools let enterprises get through all these steps with maximum efficiency.
  3. Business process management for law firms has a variety of tools for successful personnel management, including the analysis of the employees’ positions, establishment of workplace policies, etc.
  4. Finance Management. It deals with all the money issues within organization. And here, BPM plays an important part, too, as it helps specialists set prices and fees, create efficient cash flows, estimate expenditures, etc.
  5. Systems and Technology. Online BPM can become an effective instrument for executing the company’s production strategy, marketing, stuff management, communication, and other functions.
  6. The work of a lawyer do involves communication, and business process management can make a great contribution into its improvement. For instance, such platforms let specialists get actual data on each client and utilize it effectively during communication.
  7. This is the process of aggregating the practices into a coherent business. BPM for law firms makes this procedure more transparent, helps companies set objectives, and put the plans into practice in due time.


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