BPM Software in Poland: Modern Technologies for Automated Processes

BPM software in Poland has developed significantly in the recent years. Entrepreneurs and companies’ employees don’t have to be IT geniuses to master and use it for day-to-day business activity and project management.

How to Get Started?

  • Find out more about the advantages of business process management for a particular segment of a business process.
  • Study the product in details.
  • Try a demo version for free to use BPM tools in practice.

Advantages of BPM Software in Poland

BPM software

  • Email Services. Now messages from all email boxes are merged on a single platform – customer service developed by bpm’online. Emails can be classified depending on their object, case, or importance, and be further integrated with Google and MS Exchange.
  • Project Management. This tool enables to control external and internal projects from the beginning to the end. Users can set up deadlines, define costs, analyze and monitor any arising problems, assign tasks to employees, etc.
  • Bpm’online marketing tool helps to organize trade fairs, seminars, advertising campaigns and conferences. Its options enable to define and classify target audiences, set up budget and deadlines, monitor dates and locations of the events, assign tasks and analyze achievements and results of the organized campaigns.

The best way to assess the software and learn how BPM works is to try a demo version for free at https://www.bpmonline.com/bpm/poland

CRM Software: Products and Benefits

End-to-end BPM enablers

One of the key advantages of BPM software in Poland is a single planform, which aligns sales, marketing and service. It provides end-to-end processes and constantly improving tools for better performance. Bpm’online has been operating for more than 13 years and has approximately 7,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

  • Marketing Tools. A set of options for effective management includes e-mail marketing, productivity tools, synchronization, lead management, etc. A company’s team is concentrated on sales-ready leads. Email tools help to establish and keep stable relationships with every client taking into account every detail, request and feedback. Users will definitely enjoy modern interface, which has everything for a particular task and not distract them from any irrelevant information. All data is well structured regardless of a device it is used one. Each step of a marketing process is easily controlled: from lead qualification to hand-off sales. Analytic tools of BPM system allow for tracking new leads and assessing the performance of different campaigns. It takes just a few clicks to send bulk emails.
  • Sales Tools. Every enterprise needs to automate end-to-end sales processes for effective monitoring and analysis of every stage of customer relations. Its interface is very easy to navigate. What is relevant to every manager? Acquisition, extension and maintenance of stable and reliable relations with customers. Cycle management software helps to take the most effective measures, minimize mistakes, and boost results. Sales tools include collaboration tools, lead management, orders and invoices, sales forecasting, contract management, project management, mobile sales, etc. Developers offer three sales editions for their users: Team, Commerce and Enterprise. Team package suits small and mid-size businesses. It’s a full cycle process from lead to contract with the most attractive clients. Commerce package is an ideal option for e-commerce and short sales cycle. Enterprise package fits for mid-size and large companies to monitor multiple sales channels.
  • Customer Service Tools. BPM software in Poland offered by bpm’online has two packages: Customer Center and Service Enterprise. Both packages help users to manage multichannel communications and customer demands, automate service operations, analyze errors and provide reports. Business process management software has a full set of tools for account and contact management, allowing for storing data and for client segmentation. Case management is the best tool to resolve cases and any disputes quickly and effectively. Service enterprise has an extended set of options, including change and release management. Both packages have synchronization with MS Exchange and Excel, as well as integration tools with Google and MS Outlook. Visual content designer has ready-made content templates for emails. Activity log helps to retrieve information within a few moments and see the full chronology of events and tasks.

For more detailed information related to business process management software, free demo versions, packages and contacts check https://www.bpmonline.com/crm-products



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