Choosing the Best Customer Database Software

Customer database software eases work for entrepreneurs, helping them store, collect and systemize customer data having provided access to it from any device and any place. Building a customer database, it is important to use a suitable solution. Read about Top-5 effective and widespread client database solutions and companies that provide them.


Best Customer Database Software

Being a leading company in the sphere of BPM solutions, this enterprise provides cost-efficient programs of excellent quality. Today, there is no better choice for middle-scale businesses. Customer database programs from bpm’online feature many useful options and functions including:

  1. Account and contact control. You create a complete customer profile and include their contacts, name, place of work, social profiles and the history of interactions. Having this data, you will be able to elaborate a correct service strategy.
  2. Intelligent info update. You can easily manage CRM data by activating automatic info enrichment. Programs will automatically find and update contacts, social profiles, e-mail address and phones from the open sources. This way, users can always have relevant information in customers database without extra efforts.
  3. Create different lists and categories of customer accounts to find them faster and improve communication. You can build up your segments according to industry, requests, services and many other parameters and apply filters to your list.
  4. Customer database Using client data, you can create tactics for service improvement and keep tabs on performance values.
  5. Interaction history. Track transactions, services, calls and other interactions with customers.

The main advantage of bpm’online instruments is that you can create a profound customer profile database that will feature ample information about client. Navigation and update of data is as convenient as never.



Those who search for affordable cloud customer database software will definitely like Bitrix24. This is a free platform where users can manage contacts, companies, orders, deals and invoices. All forms have customizable fields, so user can create unique patterns for customer profiles. It is possible to assign access rights to customer managers. Customer interaction history is available, as well. Together with these functions, Bitrix 24 features:

  • Client birthday reminder;
  • Scheduler and calendar;
  • The list of local taxes and currencies;
  • Video conferencing.

The number of records is unlimited, however, free Bitrix24 software provides only 5Gb of storage space and 12 sales managers.



The company provides a versatile tool for convenient customer database management. With this solution, one can create contact databases, control communication, billing, and proposals in a pipeline. Users can easily organize profiles and make samples adding tags and fields for filtering the data quicker. Putting sales process into a streamline, you can use real-time metrics and analytics.

The search over database allows for finding out when was the last interaction with a certain client, how many orders are opened and closed, what was agreed during the meeting. You can add metrics to the dashboard to have overview of sales processes. Thanks to real-time reports, sale reps’ performance can be evaluated.

Creators of Scoro tool claim it can boost team efficiency by 20%, and save up to 50% of the time spent on reporting, meetings, and information update.



QuickBase provides customizable solutions for customer database management. A user is free to create unique reports, fields, forms and tables arranging everything as needed. A unique feature of QuickBase is the opportunity to create applications for development of customer database: they will be unique for every team. No special technical skills are required.

The program makes up for total customer service automaton, thanks to reminders, notifications, alerts and forms. When the workflow is properly set up, employees can focus on other mission-critical tasks and management of client relationships. Although all client information is stored in a single service platform, other applications can be used for storage. Data can be synchronized automatically, making an in-depth insight easier. Besides, users can create instant reports and set up access options for different users. Managers will be able to see metrics that are important for them.

You can download QuickBase customer database software online and try it for free during one month.



NCH Software Company offers a cross-functional CRM program that helps business to manage databases and client relationships. Thanks to tracking of events, interactions and notes, customer relationships can be improved greatly. Reflect instruments allow for:

  • improving client retention and loyalty;
  • reaching more effective targeting and increasing ROI of marketing campaigns;
  • increasing cross-selling outcomes.

With fast and effective consolidation of client information, the organization can handle data simply and smartly. Having complete insight into clients’ demographics and needs, a company can make better informed decisions and achieve a consistent level of service.

Reflect software is compatible with Windows and Mac: it is created for stationary devices. However, mobile access can be set up via web access mode for multiple users. Reflect program’s functionality is pretty wide. Users can filter data and create client reports (which may also be printed, emailed or exported to PDF), set reminders, import client contacts and data from Outlook and other databases.

You can test Reflect software and download a free version for non-commercial use.



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