Best of breed sales management software solutions

To process a large amount of information about clients and sales, every company needs a powerful software. No matter what the size of your organization is, the best sales management software will improve sales processes and offload your employees. Read about worthy programs and their peculiarities to choose the one that suits your company’s needs better.


bpmonline_sales management software

Bpm’online offers a cloud CRM system that allows for automating all sales processes at every stage. There are three types of solutions:

  • for management teams in small and medium businesses;
  • tools for e-commerce projects and short sales cycles;
  • advanced programs with a wide range of instruments for medium and large enterprises (suitable for e-commerce, POS, and direct sales).

These programs can perform a lot of tasks and processes to manage the entire sales cycle starting from lead generation and finishing by maintenance of long-term partnership. Out-of-the-box processes are automatic, which means users will easily learn to use the software and organize sales. Interaction with every customer is recorded, so you can track client’s journey and get recommendations for improvement of service.

With these programs, users can successfully organize campaigns, manage leads and new opportunities, and deal with invoices and orders. Besides, valuable information helps to improve the level of service and realize steps for organization’s development. With bpm’online, you will always be ahead of the competitors.

Another merit of bpm’online solutions is an intuitive interface with simple navigation. Users can get access to a program with the help of any device, be that a phone, tablet or laptop. If you need a user-friendly and yet affordable solution, this is the best software for sales management.


xlanding_sales management software 2

This automation software is great for establishing trouble-free workflow while still keeping communication with customers personal. With this solution, you won’t have to hire extra employees – it automates personalized emails, follow ups and sales processes sending replies right into the inbox daily. Instead of creating prospects and emails, you can concentrate on live meetings and other mission-critical tasks.

Reply software can help with the following aspects:

  • automation of outbound sales that allows for boosting revenue growth;
  • simple account management: user can switch between accounts to control several campaigns;
  • HR & Recruiting. The software searches for potential employees whom users can contact in one click. Cold calling is not required anymore;
  • inbound sales for loyal customers;
  • fund raising campaigns that can be created and implemented with the help of Reply program;
  • business development and maintenance of contact with partners.

Besides, Reply provides statistics and campaign analytics together with tools for campaign creation. The software is pretty easy to use and is affordable.

Dynamics 365 by Microsoft

sales management software Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics is a series of CRM solutions that help to make the right decisions and implement new solutions with minimal risks. The software is easy to adopt, it streamlines financial operations, customer communication, and chain processes.

The full spectrum of CRM operations can be executed with Dynamics 365:

  1. Automation of marketing interactions.
  2. Centralized storage and access to customer information.
  3. Data analysis.
  4. Maintenance of consistent and responsive client service.

This software for sales management consists of five basic applications and works in a cloud being simply integrated with the Office 365. Those who use Windows and Office 365 programs will find this CRM solution simple to comprehend. With business intelligence and facilitated communication maintenance of sales flow, it’s easy to get an excellent service. Users will always be able to access the required information and get recommendations regarding business processes that the business world is stuffed with.


sales management software salesnow

Understanding that every business is unique, SalesNOW has created a mobile program with the help of which you can customize sales stages by creating unlimited fields that provide all information required for your organization. Gathering and analyzing real-time statistics, SalesNOW shows the activities of staff and helps to distribute tasks accordingly. With this software, you will be able to create a sales team of your dream organizing information and establishing quick and easy access to it.

The main advantage of this sales management software is its handy mobile version that allows controlling sales funnel anywhere, anytime. The starting price is agreeable, and the program is compatible with Android and iOS based devices.



Searching for a popular and well-established service? With amoCRM software, you will get absolutely all features for sales automation. The software features nine useful instruments, using which you will create attractive prospects and boost the number of loyal customers. AmoCRM developers’ main goal was to make software that can implement repeatable processes instead of employees minimizing manual effort.

The program does not require special technical skills or knowledge to be navigated – you can get the entire team on board from the first day with this intuitive software. Besides, it minimizes the number of clicks, as all mission-critical tasks and campaigns can be displayed on one screen. AmoCRM is compatible with mobile platforms and iOS.

With these sales management software solutions, you will be able to establish optimal workflow in your organization offloading the employees and letting them perform other important tasks. This is a must for organizations that want to thrive and attract new loyal clients.



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