5 Indisputable Advantages of Process-Driven Cloud-Based CRM

All successful organizations have already adopted customer-centricity. If yours is among them, you’re certainly aware of all the essential CRM features your business needs for staying competitive. But, have you solved the in-cloud vs. on-premise dilemma? Have you considered process agility as a factor?

No CRM solution is better than a process-driven cloud-based system. We’ll take a moment to explain why, just as well as whether or not your organization needs to migrate its customer data to the cloud.

The Amazing Flexibility of Business Process ManagementFlexibility of Business Process Management

Even though CRM stands for customer relationship management and BPM for business process management, there is a number of capabilities that these streamlining systems should have in common. When it comes to efficiency, flexibility is certainly the most important among them.

Software systems like bpm’online combine the essential characteristics of BPM tools with features for customer relationship management, thus achieving the same kind of agility to change processes within their CRMs. That way, they offer all the best practices, and guide users towards successful conversions.

24/7 Accessibility and Mobility, as Promised by Cloud Vendors

While process-driven systems guarantee sturdier management, cloud-based solutions promise accessibility across all devices, regardless of time or place. The CRM system can thus be used from the comfort of one’s home, which increases motivation and productivity, and boosts overall efficiency.

Still, 24/7 accessibility and increased performance are not the only benefits of cloud-based CRM solutions. Cloud technology requires no special installation or maintenance on your part, thus making system onboarding very easy, and lowering both the time and costs needed for successful adoption.

Super-Easy Interdepartmental CollaborationSuper-Easy Interdepartmental Collaboration

All the best CRM systems should facilitate communication with customers, but only a handful of them do the same when it comes to interdepartmental collaboration. Being accessible via web browser, cloud-based tools optimize teamwork management, and enable multiple users to ply at the same time.

The aforementioned bpm’online, alongside other systems of the similar quality, offers an enterprise social network as a centralized collaboration hub. ESN borrows the social media model to create a place for effortless information exchange, fruitful group brainstorming, and real-time communication.

Customer Success across the Board

Process-driven systems ensure improvement of virtually all customer-facing departments and teams, thus uniting them with a common goal – to contribute, each in its own way, to your organization’s overall customer success. That’s what effective CRM is all about, and what makes businesses thrive.

One CRM Platform to Rule Them All

If you take a quick look at https://www.bpmonline.com/crm-products, you’ll notice that cutting-edge CRM solutions like bpm’online are not only customer-centred, process-driven, and cloud-based, but also all-inclusive. They take CRM very broadly, uniting different tasks into a comprehensive platform.

Whether you’re planning to migrate your customer data to another system, or to start from scratch and employ an entirely new one, opt for solutions that offer features for managing leads, opportunities, cases, and business intelligence. Ask your vendor about integrated marketing automation features too, just as well as tools for in-depth analytics and CRM apps for mobile access.

They are all included to the comprehensive lists of features provided by the best process-driven cloud-based CRM software systems. If you’re looking for a solution that guarantees staff efficiency, low implementation costs, intuitive management, and customer success, they have everything you need.



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