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How to deliver excellent customer service with agile knowledge-centered support

PUT KNOWLEDGE AT THE HEART OF YOUR ORGANIZATION The Digital Revolution is creating huge opportunities for innovation and productivity optimization for organizations in various industries. As technology moves from the back-office to the front-line, the scope of tasks for customer support is expanding, which brings numerous challenges to customer service

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Five sales management software for superior automation, teamwork and control

Unwieldy spreadsheets, yellow sticker memos and incessant phone calls for internal coordination are thankfully sinking into oblivion. Today’s sales staff doesn’t have to waste hours on manual database updates, report compilation, paperwork and other routine tasks. A long-established way to increase labor efficiency, sales management systems, ensure streamlined, transparent workflow

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Leading BPM Software for Digital Business

What is BPM software? BPM software is a set of tools, applications and databases that simplify and boost business processes. It includes workflow capabilities, data management and user-friendly reports for team members, customers and stakeholders. Let’s have a look at the modern innovative software that can help your business and

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Top Seven Business Process Management Softwares: the Best Solutions You’ve Ever Used

Business process management is an important discipline for identifying, designing, documenting, monitoring, and analyzing of business processes. This approach is aimed at achievement of consistent and targeted results, compatible with the company’s strategic goals. Some years ago, the systems of the kind were the purview of management consultants, software architects,

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CRM Solutions That Matter

CRM stands for customer relationship management. In a nutshell, CRM products are designed to manage business relationships and take care of all the company’s data and information that is related to them. Using a CRM system, you can store your existing and potential client information, sales opportunities, leads, and accounts

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