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CRM Software in Poland

To ensure effective and easy communication with customers, businessmen need to involve a lot of staff and process an enormous amount of information. That seems to be a hard task, but not with CRM programs. Being a part of business process management solutions, they will perform a lot of critical

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Why Use Business Process Management for Law Firms

Many solo lawyers and small law firms do not really have any practical management skills. They know their job, but fail to achieve excellent results, as they lack the instruments, which are crucial to run efficient and profitable business. Fortunately, it’s never too late to analyze the company’s workflows, distinguish

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BPM for great success of a financial services company

Firms operating in the financial sector need to streamline their mission-critical business processes, simplify services, and enhance collaboration to keep up with strict regulatory pressures and ever-changing marketplace. More and more financial companies are investing in BPM for financial services – a smart business process optimization technology, which helps reduce

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Business Process Management: Its Basic Terms, Benefits, Stages and Factors of Successful Implementation

Business process management or BPM is a particular approach to company management, focused on workflows. This concept implies that business processes should not be static, it is necessary for them to be flexible, constantly improve, and develop step-by-step, following the changes of modern market. A BPM platform is directed at

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Business process management platforms

Benefits business process management platforms and CRM systems CRM and BPM systems are somewhat complementary to one another. To be more precise, BPM complements to CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and basically deals with processes that are targeted at management and analysis of customer data. While BPM is

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